Edge PCM Net-Zero House

The International Solar Decathlon is a scientific and technological innovation competition among the world's top college students, which enjoys the dual reputation of solar energy "Olympics" and green housing "World Expo". Each team designs and builds a high-performance full-scale house powered by solar energy as the sole energy source, participating in a total of ten projects including architectural design, engineering design, energy utilization, renewable energy heating/cooling, indoor environment, and market potential index comparison. Since its establishment in China in 2011, the competition has been successfully held twice in Datong, Shanxi and Dezhou, Shandong.

The 3rd China International Solar Decathlon Competition brings together famous universities in the field of construction and energy including Tsinghua University, Southeast University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Harbin Institute of Technology, etc., as well as the University of California, Berkeley, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, World-renowned universities including Loughborough University in the UK and Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany. Each team transforms the scientific and technological achievements of colleges and universities in the fields of construction and energy through intra-campus development and school-enterprise cooperation, and concentrates their application and display in the participating buildings.

Under the guidance of the dual-carbon policy, especially those related to green buildings, 15 teams have joined forces with more than 200 companies and institutions in the green building and energy fields around the world, combining photovoltaic photovoltaic building integration, modularization, wind-solar hydrogen geothermal multi-energy complementation, Integrate and innovate in multiple fields such as development, storage and utilization integration of zero-energy consumption community, green recycling and zero-emission, smart home, smart interconnection, etc., to create green buildings suitable for diversified application scenarios such as elderly care, cultural tourism, emergency, urban renewal and new rural construction. .

 PASSIVE EDGE TECH joined the prestigious Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology and Chongqing University to participate in this competition. The competition was held in Zhangjiakou City, China. The 15 zero-carbon buildings in this competition will become part of China's new energy application exhibition base. The works Qiju3.0 of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology and the work of Pitched House of Chongqing University both use PASSIVE EDGE TECH's phase change wall energy storage and temperature control system. Both buildings achieved excellent performance and were widely acclaimed.

15 teams from 29 colleges and universities from 10 countries around the world





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