Heat Battery


PASSIVE EDGE heat batteries are modern energy efficient thermal reservoirs, patented high performance phase change materials that deliver warmth and comfort reliably, safely, and efficiently. Up to 4 times smaller than a hot water cylinder, their sleek, super-compact design means they look great in any home and free up valuable storage space. Not only that, but they are also easy to install, more environmentally friendly, and require little to no maintenance.


Efficient hot water and space heating can are available on demand. You can use them with solar photovoltaic panels and an existing gas boiler, or connect directly to the power source and you'll have hot water in no time. For larger homes, multiple thermal batteries can easily be connected and used with a heat pump and peak and valley power to provide you with maximum comfort and significantly reduce your electricity bills.


• Cost and carbon savings through solar photovoltaics

• Instant hot water at main pressure 

• Failsafe: spare internal electric heating element 

• Extremely low heat losses 

• Significantly reduces the risk of legionella 

• Faster installation and lower cost

• No mandatory annual maintenance 

• Space-saving: up to 4 times smaller than an equivalent hot water cylinders 

• Reliable: Market-leading 10-year warranty* 

• Modular: easy to combine to increase storage capacity

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