Battery Thermal Control

In recent years, lithium-ion batteries have been widely used in new energy vehicles. However, lithium batteries are extremely sensitive to temperature, and overheating and overcooling will reduce battery performance and safety. Because the working environment of electric vehicles is complex and the temperature span is very large, an efficient thermal management system is designed to heat the battery in a low temperature environment and cool the battery in a high temperature environment, so as to control control the temperature difference between the batteries in the range of 20~55℃, less than 5℃. Improving the reliability of power systems is critical. PASSIVE EDGE TECH's thermal control system based on phase change materials utilizes phase change materials to absorb a large amount of heat generated by the battery during the solid-liquid phase transition process, maintains constant temperature, ensures the safety of the battery, and prolongs its service life and cruising range.


EDGE advanced solid-solid PCM is suitable for temperature control of various electronic devices

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