Sweeping robot PCM thermal control

PCM rubber is based on the combination of EDGE Microna-PCM and rubber. Passive Edge has mastered the world's leading sub-nanometer phase change material (PCM) packaging technology. This technology creates a tiny micro-container for PCM, with the smallest particle size on the order of 300nm. The microcapsule encapsulation technology ensures that the PCM solidification and liquefaction process are all in the capsule, eliminating the risk of leakage. Phase change material microcapsules can be incorporated directly into textiles, latex or PU foams, graphite, insulation, or even polymers or plastics. Advanced microcapsule technology combined with HDPE, graphite, rubber, etc. can be used as parts in electronic products, including chips, components, sub-assemblies, motherboards and housings. PCM can help stabilize the overall temperature of the device, preventing it from malfunctioning during operation. In addition, phase change materials absorb and release energy over thousands of cycles, making them an ideal solution for passive cooling of batteries in laptops, tablets and smartphones, and new energy vehicles.


Passive Edge PCM rubber is applied to the Mijia robot vacuum. The phase change rubber takes into account the zero-energy temperature control of the lithium battery, ensuring that the battery operates at a safe temperature, and at the same time makes the battery temperature more uniform, increasing the cycle times of the battery by 40%, and greatly extending the service life of the sweeping robot.

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