Named as China's Top 50 Real Estate Technology by KPMG

Passive Edge Tech passed KPMG's innovation in technology and business model, transformation and empowerment of the traditional real estate industry, financial health and growth level, market recognition and development potential in subdivided fields, and capital market recognition Stand out from the five aspects of screening and evaluation, including team ability and enterprise innovation mechanism, and be selected into the 2022 KPMG "Future 50" list series list.


The bussiness environment is like a racing field, and the industry is like a racing track. KPMG China launched the "Future 50" list series covering industries such as finance, automobiles, biology, consumption, chips, healthcare, and real estate, aiming to guide companies to make strategic choices that suit their development based on their different life cycles , and help the industry and capital select star companies on the future track. At the same time, KPMG proposed the concept of "Future 50 Tracks" to continue to build and expand tracks in various industries for enterprises.

Since its launch, KPMG's "Future 50" list series has always adhered to the three characteristics of professionalism, fairness and platform, constantly expanding the internal and external connections of various industry networks, and ultimately increasing the overall value of the industry ecosystem. Selection process KPMG and internal and external experts jointly form a selection committee to evaluate companies from multiple dimensions such as team, technology, product, market, and financing with open, fair, and fair evaluation criteria.

KPMG's "Future 50" list series has become such a platform to provide an industry track, bring more market opportunities for enterprises, continue to facilitate industry innovation and reform, jointly reveal profound insights into the industry, and foresee the future of the industry.

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